Organising transport, transporting organisation

Brivio & Viganò is one of the leading Italian players in the sector of Distribution and Integrated Logistics for food products and offers turnkey solutions to maximise the efficiency of the Supply Chain of Mass Retail and Industrial operators.

The Company was founded by Luigi Brivio and Giovanni Viganò and its history is closely linked to the association with Unes and its development project for a widespread network of neighbourhood supermarkets, based on an innovative formula, which combines the quality and assortment of Mass Retail with the service and familiarity with customers, that are typical of neighbourhood shops.

“Customer must be able to put their faith in us”: this is the principle which inspired the two founders and the philosophy which unites and guides all of the people in the company on a daily basis for all activities in order to best respond to market requirements. For Brivio & Viganò reliability is not something that is improvised but is rather based on a meticulous planning process that is carried out by qualified staff thanks to the support of a fleet of efficient motor vehicles, for a punctual service and the greatest attention to detail.

By combining the expertise and unique know-how in transport with a constant drive towards innovation, Brivio & Viganò is able to offer a wide range of tailor-made services, which optimise timing and costs as well as guaranteeing the utmost efficiency along the entire supply chain: from Storage, to Logistics Management, through to Transport and Delivery.

“Organising transport and transporting organisation”, is in fact the added value of the Company which has also made significant investments over the years in a proprietary IT system that is completely integrated in the corporate processes and in technology that is applied to motor vehicles and offices.

Solidity, responsibility and work ethics, flexibility, complete attention on the creation of the added value for Customers and the search for new growth opportunities are the cornerstones which have led to Brivio & Viganò consolidating positive relations with the major Mass Retail brands, the biggest food

Producers, Partners and its Workforce that, in over 35 years of business, have developed a strong sense of belonging and loyalty towards the Company.

We are a Socially Responsible Company

Lastly, Brivio & Viganò operates in the firm belief that respecting the environment is not just a fundamental value but rather a strategic factor for the competitiveness and sustainability of the business model: its constant attention towards prevention in terms of the environmental and energy impacts of its company premises and its fleet provides ample proof of this.

Ethical Code

Organisational Model 231

As part of the consolidation of the organization and the strengthening of the sustainability of the Group, in 2020 the Brivio & Viganò Group launched the project for the application of Legislative Decree 231/2001 on the subject of administrative liability of entities. In the first months of 2021 it launched its own Group Code of Ethics - valid for all Group companies - and in November of the same year the Boards of Directors of B&V Holding S.p.A., Autotrasporti Brivio & Viganò S.r.l. and Brivio & Viganò Logistics S.r.l. have approved the adoption of their own Organization and Control Model pursuant to the legislation. The Supervisory Bodies (SB) of the three companies were then appointed to which they can send reports of violations and / or information strictly related to the application of the Decree and compliance with the Model (SB's contacts:;;

MOGC Autotrasporti
MOGC Logistics
MOGC Holding
Appendice MOGC231 Gruppo B&V


On 07/30/2023, the Board of Directors of B&V Holding spa approved the transposition of the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 24/2023 implementing EU Directive 1937/2019 on Whistleblowing through the definition of a specific procedure (attached for acknowledgment), which identifies methods, tools and rules also valid for the Group companies, Brivio & Viganò Logistics srl and Autotrasporti Brivio & Viganò srl. Whistleblowing is a fundamental corporate compliance tool, through which employees or third parties (for example a supplier or a customer) can report, in a confidential and protected manner, any offenses encountered during their activity. Whistleblower in English means "whistle blower": the term is a metaphor for the role of referee or policeman assumed by those who call out and request attention to unauthorized, or illegal, activities so that they can be stopped. The "whistleblower" (reporter or reporter, in Italian) is therefore a person who decides to report an offense, fraud or danger that he has detected during his work activity (or, in the case of a customer, during his experience of a company's customer). Consequently, whistleblowing is the practice of reporting violations of laws or regulations, crimes and cases of corruption or fraud, as well as situations of danger to public health and safety. To make the procedure fully operational, a dedicated reporting platform has therefore been opened to all interested parties at the following link

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