Brivio & Viganò always travels safely

The scenario of growing competition and complexity which the Company is faced with and its constant focus towards its Customers drive the working activities of every individual, from the management down.

Within this framework, training represents the main instrument to develop virtuous conduct and pursue the Brivio & Viganò Style in every day activities.

The Company’s Health and Safety policy has allowed it to put in place a structured training process for new recruits and for travelling staff who were already with the Company.

In particular, training is provided:
After workers are hired on safety of the working environments, on the use of the PPE provided and training on the field, with shadowing by staff that is already operational.

Permanently, during the year, with courses relating to:

  • safe driving of vehicles
  • best practice for loading and unloading operations for goods
  • use of the forklift provided
  • propriety standards for travelling staff
  • stress prevention
  • transport processes
  • management of transport documentation
  • use of the digital tachygraph, the tail-lift, refrigerating unit and the satellite equipment
  • procedure for the management of anomalies
  • management of transportation of non-dangerous waste
  • safety procedures for the refuelling of vehicles procedure

  • Finally, refresher courses are organised for workers in accordance with Art. 37 of Legislative Decree 81/08 and State-Regions Agreement, given by qualified external staff.

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