Sustainability, a strategic factor to compete in the market

Brivio & Viganò has undertaken a path of sustainable development through significant investments in both fleet renewal and technological resources.

This project is in line with the culture of the company which sees respect for the environment and safeguarding of resources as strategic competitive factors to be shared with its partners to optimise costs, improve process efficiency and minimise risks.

This is exemplified by the purchase, ahead of the coming into force of European legislation, of Euro 6 category Mercedes-Benz vehicles that will ensure a reduction in fuel consumption and pollution by more than 99% in terms of particulate emissions and more than 97% in terms of NOX emissions compared to Euro 0 engines. There are also numerous advantages deriving from the adoption of the Bridgestone's latest-generation tyres which, thanks to a direct control of an on-line control unit, allow savings on fuel consumption and also reduce wear and noise to a minimum.

The entire fleet of vehicles is also equipped with a satellite system which allows a control of the running of the vehicle and the dynamic monitoring of temperatures, as well as measuring the production of CO2 and improving the efficiency of routes and journeys, in favour of an improvement in the driving style and quality of life for drivers.

Lower dispersion of the cold and greater protection of the load: these are the plus points offered by the new semi-trailers with Thermo King's eco-friendly refrigeration units that were designed for a more efficient use of energy thanks to the compressor which is activated directly by an engine, that maximises the cooling for every litre of fuel consumed. There are also excellent performances in terms of acoustics, with the SLX and-300 Whisper™ models, thanks to the innovative sound-absorbing materials and the optimised design of the engine compartment, which integrates reinforce access doors and a special panel to reduce the operating noise: operating in full compliance with the standards required by the PIEK regulations it offers the possibility to make deliveries at night in urban areas and thus will accelerate delivery cycles.

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