Integrated Logistics Services

Freshness first

Brivio & Viganò has added to its consolidated experience in Transport by offering "turnkey" Logistics solutions.
The major economies of scale, generated by the high volumes, allow the Company to position itself in the market with highly competitive and personalised services, in compliance with the prevailing food safety legislation.
The Company operates through the use of two entirely refrigerated platforms, with a dual temperature, organised in dedicated areas for the exclusive use of its Customers. Moreover, a proprietary IT system ensures a completely automated management of incoming, in stock and outgoing goods to guarantee the complete traceability of the flow of products and company processes.

The longstanding experience ensures the utmost operational efficiency for the Supply Chain and more specifically from the collection from production sites until the Inbound Transport, thanks to the large logistics network which allows a management of transportation from any region or foreign country. Service organised with company owned warehouses, which used the most innovative technologies that are able to support even the most complex and integrated processes through to the Distribution to Retail Outlets, via Transit Point that are selected for deliveries in Italy, Europe and the World.

Dedicated Customer Service, through Key Account Managers, design of the warehouse layout, in collaboration with Customers, concentration and storage in company owned warehouses, receipt of orders through graphs, shared IT systems and delivery schedules: these are the plus points making Brivio & Viganò the ideal partner for Integrated Logistics, for groupage in Italy and abroad.

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