Transport Services

Known for Quality

The Company has a large fleet of vehicles and is organised with suitably trained staff to guarantee a personalised and flexible transport service that will satisfy all of its Customers’ requirements.

Speed and Efficiency: these are the plus points of the Brivio & Viganò controlled temperature Transport service which can be seen in concrete terms in its punctuality in deliveries and a high level of safety for the goods being transported, thanks to a careful management during the loading, unloading and warehouse operations. This quality is also guaranteed by a Team of direct resources that coordinate and verifies the correct running of the transport service from the distribution centre, to the various Retail Outlets of the various Brands.

Transport Request

Brivio & Viganò is a partner which can make its customers’ businesses even more productive by responding to the requirements and needs of the sector with efficiency and the utmost flexibility:

  • Collections from the production and distribution sites
  • Transport from the distribution centres to the Retail Outlets of the Mass Retailers
  • National coverage
  • Services and delivery times in AxA
  • Direct and dedicated deliveries for Mass Retailers, Normal Trade, Wholesalers, Dealers and the segment
  • Personalised return times
  • Pallets' management
  • International transport
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