Warehouse Services

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Within an area of more than 145,000 smq, the Brivio & Viganò managed warehouses are synonymous with reliability and safety and for a company dealing with logistics they represent a resource of fundamental importance in order to guarantee a high added value for Customers from the Mass Retail and Industrial sectors.

The Warehouse activity is entirely managed through the use of the WMS, thanks to which it is possible to offer a wide and diversified range of services, from taking orders to storage, from the management of variable weight and expiry dates, to handling and picking, to cross-docking, to personalised palletizing, to labelling and repackaging. In addition, dedicated staff is involved in the preparation and optimization of orders, the administrative requirements and the management of any returns, while ensuring a control service for the quality of the goods it receives, with reports to Producers and Brands. The operational staff employed in the Brivio & Viganò owned logistic platforms works exclusively for the Company.

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